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    The lost world, Meike Nixdorf

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    Fresh Air critic at large John Powers reviews the new translation of Italian noir novel A Private Venus

    Like all good noirs, A Private Venus centers on a disillusioned loner — in this case, Duca Lamberti, a loner with good reason to be disillusioned. Once a doctor, he was imprisoned for murder after compassionately helping a dying woman kill herself. Now free, but forbidden to practice medicine, Duca gets hired by a Milanese plastics mogul who, like most rich men in noir, is a respectable creep. The assignment is to straighten out the mogul’s 22-year-old son, Davide who has gone from being a normal, spoiled heir to a guilty, taciturn young alcoholic.

    Duca knows something has driven Davide to such self-destructive straits — probably a woman. And so, he sets about looking into what changed him, enlisting help from a police superintendent who was friends with Duca’s cop father. The investigation takes him from chic nightclubs into the sinister underbelly of fashion-mad Milan where pretty young women exist to have their bodies stripped, sold and carved up by thugs. Along the way, Duca befriends a smart, attractive young woman, Livia, who has her own reasons for bringing the bad guys down. Suffice it to say that everything does not turn out perfectly.

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    Los Angeles, 1960’s.

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  8. John Malkovich

    I met John Malkovich today. 

    He was walking down the street enjoying the sun and I introduced myself, thanked him for his films and wished him a good day. 

    Today is a good day. 

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    Menswear/Lifestyle quotes. Compiled these for work. Keep it real.

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    The Royal Tenenbaums (2001)

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    Laura Plageman - In-between Places (2005-8)

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